assembly step 1 - strong cleverly designed cardboard chair for children to assemble and decorate. A unique gift for your creative child
assembly step 2 - Teachers parents and children can assemble Zeppochair together using folds and slots for fun assembly. Simple instructions are in the box!
assembly step 3 -In the box you’ll find your eco-friendly  Zeppochair made up of 4 parts which fold and slot together.  The Zeppochair makes an ideal creative gift for child.
assembly step 4 - You can decorate your zeppochair in so many fun and creative ways. Use your imagination and creativity to ‘make it yours'.
assembly step 5 - Strong cardboard chair for children to assemble and decorate. Fun for kids with a sustainable product that is ideal for a childs creative  development.
Easy assembly - sustainable cardboard chair for children. Ask your friends to sign and draw on your cardboard chair at your birthday party

Folds and Slots

Younger children will probably need help assembling their Zeppochair.

If you own one of the first 150 Zeppochairs produced, then you have a hand-made Zeppochair which doesn't include a Seat Insert (Part 4). Just ignore it in the online instructions (left), or use the instructions that came in the box.

Take your time with the folding and inserting of tabs. You’ll get there with a little patience.

There may be minor manufacturing imperfections on the back of the cardboard. These will not effect the look or the structure of the assembled Zeppochair.

Don’t start assembling your Zeppochair if it’s wet from water, glue or paint. Let it dry completely first.

If when you first sit on your Zeppochair, it rocks a little and feels unstable, don't worry, with a bit more sitting it will settle and feel just right.