the zeppochair gives children a creative experience like no other. It makes a unique gift for any 4 to 10 yr old budding artist
The cardboard chair makes a perfect gift for your 4-10yr old boy or girl. Offers creative development, 
				     design, art and craft all rolled into one.

The Zeppochair can be a real hit at a childrens birthday party. All the kids can have a chair to work on in a group craft activity or just the birthday child can have a Zeppochair that all the other kids can sign and draw on.

If you’re interested in placing bulk orders for a school, a party, or any other group activity, send us an email and we’ll arrange an attractive discount to make Zeppochairs for all the children viable.

Zeppochair: $39.90
Postage (Australia) $9.50