paper is great but cardboard is fantastic. The structure of corrugated cardboard makes it strong and light at the same time
Sustainable cardboard chair for 4  10 year old children to assemble and decorate. 
				     Corrugated Clever design for teachers, parents and children to appreciate.

A little history

Paper is great but cardboard is fantastic! The Egyptians invented paper over 4000 years ago, and even though we think it’s terrific – for writing notes and building paper planes, etc – civilisation didn't get really exciting till the Chinese invented cardboard about 400 years ago. They made it from stuff that was just lying around – rags, hemp, bark and plant fibres.

In the 1800s, the English started making corrugated cardboard which is made from several layers all glued together. The outer layers are flat, but the layers inside are wavy, which makes the cardboard particularly strong and particulary light at the same time. In 1884 Swedish the chemist Carl Dahl developed the Kraft Process by making paper and cardboard from trees.

Nearly everything around you spent time in a cardboard box at one time or another. Except your parents and the other kids at school. Your Zeppochair is made from corrugated cardboard. The outside layers are called 'liners' and the wavy inside layer is called the flute. The liners of your Zeppochair cardboard are made from Australian renewable plantation trees because their longer fibres are stronger than the fibres in recycled paper. That's partly why even grown-ups can sit on it! The flute is made from 100% recycled paper and is formed on huge machines that can be as big as footy ovals.

So, Zeppochairs are environmentally sound. They don’t last forever, but thats okay. As you grow bigger, your chair will get older with you and then when you’re done with it, you can just throw it into the recycling bin to make more cardboard. See? Cardboard is really way more exciting than you thought!