Join the gallery by sending in an image of your zeppochair.  A monthly winner gets a free Zeppochair and lots of claps.
To decorate your zeppochair, kids, you can draw on it, paint it, use collage, graffiti, 
				     cover it with stickers or photos or in so many other ways make it special

Make it yours!

The Zeppochair is a blank canvas. Before or after assembly, kids can draw on it, paint it, cut and paste, decoupage, graffiti, wrap, glue, spray, or in so many other ways personalize their Zeppochair to make it their very own. And of course parents can join in. You can do almost anything to decorate your Zeppochair except cut or tear it or put holes in it. Use your imagination to make it yours!

use your imagination to decorate your Zeppochair