invite your friends to draw on your zeppochair at your birthday party
Ask your friends to sign your zeppochair at your birthday party

Crafty Design

The Zeppochair is a corrugated cardboard chair for children. It comes flat-packed, so children can assemble and decorate the chair themselves, although tiny hands may need some adult assistance. Assembly is straightforward; the chair simply folds and slots together with nifty locking mechanisms that make assembly fun.

The Zeppochair was designed by Cath Ertler, a Tasmanian-born, Sydney-based designer who graduated from UTS with first class honours in industrial design.

Anyone can build a strong cardboard chair with enough cardboard and glue. The magic of the Zeppochair design lies in the balance struck between minimum material and maximum strength.The Zeppochair needs no glue, is strong enough to hold an adult, and weighs only 600g.

What’s more, the Zeppochair has a small ecological footprint. The cardboard is manufactured in Australia from renewable Australian plantation timber and recycled paper and the first 150 Zeppochairs ‘off the rack’ have been hand made. Your Zeppochair won't last forever but that's okay. As you grow up your Zeppochair will grow older with you and When it's reached its used by date, you can just throw it straight into the recycling to create more recycled cardboard.

Children will have hours of creative engagement with their Zeppochair and parents and teachers will appreciate its embodied design excellence.

For the environmentally conscious and design savvy, the Zeppochair makes the perfect d.i.y. arts and craft gift for your child.