four cardboard parts make up the zeppochair which makes a unique present for your childs birthday - a fun diy kids chair
4 parts make up this easy to assemble cardboard chair

Bits and Pieces

As you can see on the left, the Zeppochair is made up of 4 separate parts - a huge piece; a medium sized piece; a small piece, and a tiny piece! There are no glues or tapes needed for you Zeppochair. It’s is strong enough without them. Its made only of cardboard and can be totally recycled. Follow the step-by-step instructions that came in your Zeppochair box, or follow the instructions on this website. They are both the same.

The Base (PART 1) is made up of two separate pieces joined together and reinforced with tape. You might wonder why it wasn't simply made as one piece. Its because it was too long to be satisfactorily die-cut in Australia.

If you don't have a PART 4 it means you have a 2010 hand made Zeppochair in which case you can just refer to the instructions that came in your box or you can just ignore the PART 4 bits in the online Assembly instructions.